Phyl’s Village

Families, Faculty, Alumni


(Parents & Teachers Supporting our School)

Our newly reformed Parent-led organization, PATS, is dedicated to helping Phyl’s Academy be the absolute best program and environment that it can be by supporting our children, teachers, families and administration.

Our goals are:

  • To build our Phyl’s Village community by facilitating activities and by organizing and promoting family-friendly events and fun.
  • To facilitate families by providing information and being a safe forum for positive participation and constructive discussion.
  • To provide opportunities for our school’s families to share their talents and businesses with others in our Phyl’s Village.
  • To enhance our childrens’ school experience across the board.

Fundraising is a main vehicle through which PATS can support the school by contributing to and covering expenses for various events. All funds raised by PATS are targeted towards school-related projects, generally initiated by Phyl’s administration and/or the Phyl’s Academy Foundation.

For the 2020-2021 school year, some goals are:

  • To raise funding for frequent purchases of PPE and sanitizing products, and help the school replenish funds spent on same.
  • To raise funds for window shades for each classroom to enhance use of our new smart boards.
  • To raise funds for additional supplies for our new science lab, robotics and maker spaces.

Join PATS to make a positive difference for our school! Begin by contacting our Parent coordinator, Janel Dowling, or 347 694-5672


We believe in teachers and know that the best teachers are passionate, knowledgeable and flexible. The best teachers are strong facilitators – understanding guides along the way that provide engaging learning opportunities, but then observe, ask the right questions, scaffold on students’ prior knowledge and truly enjoy the process as students arrive at a place of new understandings.

We know great teachers are also life-long learners, so annually we engage in trainings and workshops to provide opportunities for learning and professional growth. Many of our teachers are long-standing members of our school community having been Phyl’s Academy parents or graduates themselves, and we re happy to have them here in our Phyl’s village.


Phyl’s Academy, soon to be 41 years young, is continuing to expand its Alumni Association. We’ve always had a continued sense of community and participation from many of our graduates. Many Phyl’s alumni return with their own children. We look forward to class reunions, social events, and will draw from the growing pool of knowledge and experience of our many graduates. Please join our alumni database. Share your progress, stay in touch with old friends. Calling all former students and willing volunteers, please contact us now!

Phyl’s Academy students develop a sense of responsibility for their own academic progress that lasts well beyond their elementary years.

Join our alumni database!