Early Learning, Elementary School, and Other Programs

3-K & Pre-K For All

Discovering a love for learning

Our 3-K & Pre-K For All classes are high quality early learning programs designed to foster growth in all developmental areas. These funded programs provide a fun, progressive, child centered curriculum to inspire young children to learn and soar. At Phyl’s Academy, we recognize our students’ natural curiosity and encourage their need to explore through:

-sensory play, 


-building projects, 

-learning centers, 

-children’s literature,

-early math and the arts!

Students learn about their immediate world as they care for plants, observe life cycles of a caterpillar, or wonder about the water in rainclouds. They explore how sounds and letters work, and new vocabulary develops as they make connections between school activities and their greater world.

Both 3-K & Pre-K For All are free and cover 6.2 hours of instruction daily for 180 school days. We invite you to register your three or four year old. Please call our office at (718)469-9400 for further information or fill out an inquiry form. We’ll be happy to assist you!

Kindergarten & Grade 1

Building a Strong Foundation

Kindergarten and Grade 1 are a bridge from our early learning program to a purposely more formal academic experience. Students build solid early reading and math skills along with a better understanding of their physical and social environment. They continue to learn through storytelling, block play, learning centers and the arts.

Our Kindergarten curriculum includes:

-phonemic awareness, 


-math computation, 

-social studies and 


By the end of the Kindergarten year, students are reading fluently and mastering first grade texts with ease. 

Our Grade 1 curriculum includes: 

-introduction to Spanish, 

-studio art, 

-dance/clubs and

-writer’s workshop.

In these formative years, students begin to write creatively and become the authors and illustrators of their own texts.

Grades 2 & 3

Defining Excellence

What does it mean to be an avid reader, a life-long learner, a self-motivated student? What does it mean to be a concerned citizen, a thoughtful neighbor? In Grades 2 & 3, students are encouraged to think about themselves as well-rounded people, good students and thoughtful peers, functioning as unique individuals within our school community. They have more autonomy choosing projects and extra curricular activities, and enjoy collaborative work. Curriculum and club choices expand to include: 

-Studio Art, 




-Coding & Robotics, 

-and Maker Spaces!

As students begin to find their own voices and opinions, we teach them that learning is beyond the moment and a valuable pursuit of its own. We introduce our young learners to early test-prep skills, and finish their days with a study hall where they can ask questions about homework assignments and get assistance with projects and tasks. Phyl’s Academy students develop a sense of responsibility for their own academic progress that lasts well beyond their elementary years.

Grades 4 & 5

Advancing Abstract Thought and Skill Mastery

We know that excellence is a path that students must choose to pursue. In Grades 4 & 5 students are encouraged to think more deeply about the kind of student and person they want to be. They are asked to discover and work on their interests and talents, and set personal goals. Students approach more informational texts, explore novels, poetry and other literary works. They explore advanced mathematical thinking, critical thinking, scientific experimentation, and the exploration of cultures, history, politics and current events; resulting in students with advanced comprehension and writing on post high school levels. We prepare our students for a higher education by ensuring:

-They can demonstrate their understanding of genre, character analysis, voice and perspective. 

-They can support their opinions with researched facts and make connections between texts and their own writing. 

-They can work cooperatively with their peers, and notice the connections between seemingly abstract subjects and the world at large.

As intellects grow, ideas become more sophisticated and students more pointedly observe and question life. At Phyl’s Academy, students develop the ability to think independently, to solve problems, and the confidence to utilize these skills in life. 

Extended Day Programs

Early Bird: The Early Bird Program allows students to come to school earlier than their scheduled school day classes. Children can and enjoy both individual and shared group activities. Early learning students are supervised in age level groups and participate in:


-puzzles and crafts

-hands on activities. 

Elementary School students can report to Study Hall. Students proceed to their scheduled classes after completing early bird at 8:25 am.

After Care: The afternoon begins with a healthy snack and homework. Teachers assist students with assignments as needed. After completing their homework, students can participate in various, recreational activities or pursue individual interests.


Our Enrichment programs help students find their interests and talents, build self-assurance, autonomy and a sense of innovation.

Summer Camp

Registration is now open for our Summer 2022 programs for students 3 – 11 years old!

Our Young Explorers Program for children ages 3 to 6 is fun-filled with daily academic enrichment and hands-on STEAM-based activities. Children enjoy cooking, math games, arts and crafts, and engineering projects. Young Explorers develop their creativity through Reggio Emilia inspired loose parts and maker space activities. They enjoy daily music and movement in our gym. Explorers have lots of opportunities for physical activity on our playground and enjoy sprinkler days and tricycle rides. They make new friends and build social skills during barbecues and other exciting events!

Apply Here!

Our Adventurers Program is for students ages 7 to 11. During the morning, our adventurers reinforce their math and literacy skills to prevent summer learning loss keeping them well prepared for the Fall semester. Research shows that students who engage in summer learning improve their skills and stay motivated for the new school year.

Choose a Half-Day Academic Morning or the Full-Day program.

Our Full-Day program includes Adventurer Afternoons filled with STEAM activities like exciting science experiments, art, crafts, engineering, and technology projects. Creativity blossoms in our maker space studio and children experience music, dance, and sports skills in our gym and outdoor spaces. With cooking projects, movie days, and much more, there are many joyful opportunities to socialize, learn new things and explore.

Join us for a summer of fun-filled learning. Choose the weeks you’ll attend or opt for our three-week sessions. Either way, a great summer awaits you!

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Or call 718-469-9400 for assistance with registration. 


Through our Artist in Residence program our young students explore a variety of media as they are introduced to diverse artistic styles. Their view of the world continuously expands while making cultural and historical connections through art. Self-expression and confidence grow as students work on creative pieces.

The 2019 Artist in Residence, Ms. Ava Tomlinson, is a painter, muralist, printmaker in Brooklyn, New York. Visit our Phyl’s Art Studio


Dance is an integral part of the Phyl’s Enrichment and Physical Education programs. In our partnership with the Jamel Gaines Creative Outlet Dance Theater of Brooklyn (JGCO) students gain the focus to test their personal boundaries stretching beyond what comes easy. Dance not only awakens students understanding of themselves, but opens up their awareness of cultural diversity highlighting the importance of all people. Through dance our students learn teamwork while gaining concentration and freedom of self-expression.

Students can engage in more intense dance training with JGCO as an after-school enrichment program (additional fees apply)


In Clubs, Phyl’s staff members share their talents with students introducing them to a variety of interesting experiences. Students switch Clubs every 2 months opening up new opportunities for them to discover diverse interests & talents.

Some of the clubs we offer are:

  • Art & Crafts
  • Cartooning
  • Chorus
  • Coding & Robotics
  • Drama
  • Homecrafts
  • Maker Space
  • Music
  • Zumba

For over 15 years, karate has been one of our After-School Enrichment programs. As students perform their martial arts routines, they learn discipline while building physical and mental strength. The focus students develop in the karate program stimulates the self-assurance needed to perform with confidence in all areas both academically and socially. (additional fees apply)


At Phyl’s Academy, in our forty years of service we have consistently helped students succeed in standardized tests like the ELA, gifted middle school entrance exams and the ISEE for entry into private, independent schools. Annually, we successfully facilitate students with placements in highly competitive programs like Prep for Prep and A Better Chance. Our tutoring program now extends these opportunities to students within and outside our school community through both on premises and virtual tutoring sessions. For applying students, Grades 1-5, we ask families to please complete an online inquiry form to start the process. We look forward to connecting with you.