Tuition and Financial Aid

Early Learning: Nursery – Pre-Kindergarten

Tuition is paid monthly. Financial aid is not available for our private Early Learning Program.

Please inquire about Pre-K for All – a DOE funded option for 4-year-old students.

Elementary School: Kindergarten – Grade 5

Phyl’s Academy Elementary School offers sliding scale tuition, which is based on the principle that a family’s financial commitment should be in equitable proportion to its financial resources. Sliding scale tuition allows all families to complete an independent financial review and then enroll their children as equal members of our economically diverse school community. Phyl’s Academy asks all families to complete an annual financial assessment through FAIR, which will be used to calculate a student’s tuition. After completing the financial review, the school can assess which families most need available scholarship funds and determine a family’s tuition for the academic year.

Funds to support our sliding scale model are gathered through wholehearted annual fundraising and donations to the Phyl’s Academy Foundation.

Admissions Testing

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, admission testing for Fall 2021 is canceled. Instead we will use student report cards, interviews and early classroom work samples to determine their ‘best fit’ class and level. After a student has been admitted, families will need to complete enrollment forms online through Gradelink.

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