Our Enrichment programs help students find their interests and talents, build self-assurance, autonomy and a sense of innovation.


Through our Artist in Residence program our young students explore a variety of media as they are introduced to diverse artistic styles. Their view of the world continuously expands while making cultural and historical connections through art. Self-expression and confidence grow as students work on creative pieces.

The 2019 Artist in Residence, Ms. Ava Tomlinson, is a painter, muralist, printmaker in Brooklyn, New York. Visit our Phyl’s Art Studio


Dance is an integral part of the Phyl’s Enrichment and Physical Education programs. In our partnership with the Jamel Gaines Creative Outlet Dance Theater of Brooklyn (JGCO) students gain the focus to test their personal boundaries stretching beyond what comes easy. Dance not only awakens students understanding of themselves, but opens up their awareness of cultural diversity highlighting the importance of all people. Through dance our students learn teamwork while gaining concentration and freedom of self-expression.

Students can engage in more intense dance training with JGCO as an after-school enrichment program (additional fees apply)


In Clubs, Phyl’s staff members share their talents with students introducing them to a variety of interesting experiences. Students switch Clubs every 2 months opening up new opportunities for them to discover diverse interests & talents.

Some of the clubs we offer are:

  • Art & Crafts
  • Cartooning
  • Chorus
  • Coding & Robotics
  • Drama
  • Homecrafts
  • Maker Space
  • Music
  • Zumba


For over 15 years, karate has been one of our After-School Enrichment programs. As students perform their martial arts routines, they learn discipline while building physical and mental strength. The focus students develop in the karate program stimulates the self-assurance needed to perform with confidence in all areas both academically and socially. (additional fees apply)

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