Programs – Early Childhood

The Early Childhood student is a very interesting one. In comparison to other age groups, this student undergoes the largest physical and mental changes within a school year. For many younger students, this is their first experience with non-family members, and their first exposure to a social environment of their peers.

At Phyl’s Academy, our comfortable, nurturing environment helps to ease the transition as they grow and adjust in these formative years. In our Early Childhood Program, children’s intrinsic need to explore and discover is encouraged through a daily schedule based on storytelling, block and manipulative play, pre-reading, pre-math, artistic expression, physical activity and observing the world around us.

Classrooms are set up in learning centers, where lessons are delivered through concrete activities. This allows young students to learn through their physical senses and ensures each lesson becomes an experience to remember.

Current educational philosophy now supports and encourages young students to be introduced to reading. At Phyl’s Academy, we have always had this philosophy. In Kindergarten, we introduce children to the joy of reading through a curriculum based on discovery, observation and phonetic instruction.

The daily schedule continues to include physical activity, learning centers, block play and storytelling while the curriculum expands to include reading, mathematics, social studies, science, art, and introduction to computer literacy. Each lesson is a hands-on experience where children explore as they learn.

By the end of the Kindergarten year, our students are reading fluently. With their developing skills and confidence, they are well prepared to handle the Elementary School years that lie ahead.