Our Community

Though our students are young, there are still many opportunities for them to participate in making decisions, planning events, developing newsletters and having their voices heard. We certainly are developing thinkers, inventors and future leaders.

Educational Staff

Phyl’s Academy’s Educational Staff meets and surpasses the requirements for teaching a detailed curriculum and nurturing our young students to their full potential. Administrators and teachers participate in weekly planning sessions and regularly scheduled professional workshops to enhance knowledge and practice and keep current on developing educational philosophy. New teachers are supported and mentored by staff members who are more experienced in our teaching methods and curriculum. We also encourage the professional growth of our faculty by supporting efforts in attaining advanced degrees and specialized training.

Parent Participation

Phyl’s Academy encourages Parent Participation through regularly schedules events, such as parent information conferences, fundraisers, student shows, sport activities and social gatherings. Our open door policy allows parents to develop relationships within the school environment that serve to enhance our family–like atmosphere. Many of our parents regularly volunteer their time during school activities, which assists in getting things done. Our current goals include creating a database of parent provided services in our community to support networking and support of parent businesses, and draw expertise from our diverse parent body that will enhance the quality of life for all.

Alumni Association

Phyl’s Academy, soon to be 31 years young, is in the process of developing its Alumni Association. We already have a continued sense of community and participation from many of our graduates and now endeavor to make it official. We look forward to class reunions, social events, and will draw from the growing pool of knowledge and experience of our graduates. We are planning an alumni database so old friends can stay in touch. All former students and willing volunteers, please contact us now!


Phyl’s Academy holds regular fundraising events each year. These fundraisers are imperative as they function to provide funding for continued development while keeping tuition costs affordable. We encourage wholehearted participation in each fundraising event, as every student benefits from these efforts.

Community Service

At Phyl’s Academy, we encourage our young students to develop an attitude of thanksgiving and community service from an early age. For the past 30 years we have participated in food and clothing drives that serve to support the homeless, elderly, and less fortunate that are part of our community. We regularly donate our collections to organizations such as St. John’s Bread of Life and The Salvation Army. We also encourage an attitude of responsibility for our planet by encouraging recycling, concern for our environment, and cultivating an attitude of respect and caring towards others.